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Fun Fundraiser with Serious Mission


Last Saturday a group of 60 enthusiastic, mainly Iraqi folk, along with friends took part in a peaceful "Walk for Iraq".

The walk was part of an international series of walks designed to raise awareness and funds for the humanitarian assistance and protection of Iraqi refugees. The walk started in Browns Bay and finished in Devonport five hours and 20 kilometres later.
The walk included people of all ages and backgrounds, and even included Minister for Ethnic Affairs, Chris Carter, who joined the group for one hour of the walk. Our very own Iraqi-Kiwi, Saba Issa from water services, can be seen in the middle sporting a red t-shirt and raising the Iraqi flag - looking very much the beaming poster girl. Good onya Saba!

The displacement of Iraqis from Iraq is now the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world. All money raised here in New Zealand will go to the Refugees International Charity who carry-out valuable work helping the vulnerable and displaced.

If you'd like to support this cause and help Saba and friends reach their $10,000 fundraising goal, you can make a donation by visiting the official website. Alternatively, if you'd like to make a cash donation and not pay online, you can contact Saba directly on ext. 7252. No donation is too small.
This international movement was started by Iraqi Youth worldwide. Please visit the website to learn more about the "Walk for Iraq" and other walks scheduled for around the world.

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