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Letter from Walk for Iraq (NZ) Organiser




Dear All:


Our friend from Refugees international (RI) – Sara Fusco – has confirmed that RI’s financial office have received the money. Walk for Iraq (NZ) has successfully raised 21,939 $NZ (18,085 $NZ cash donations and 3,854 $NZ on-line donations) for the Iraqi Refugees. Before announcing the end of our 2007 campaign, I want to make few announcements and thank some special people who contributed to the success of the walk.

I will start with congratulating Malak Alawi for her special effort in raising 1,450 $NZ. She is our top walker for this campaign and deserves a special applause, so well done Malak. Also a special praise for Nariman Aziz and Ali Tahir for their special effort in raising 1,117 $NZ and 1,005 $NZ respectively.

I would like to thank Saba Issa for her outstanding effort in collecting the cash donations from the walkers. I am sure many of you agree that she has done an exceptional job in collecting and sending the money to RI. Furthermore, Saba is our Walk for Iraq (NZ) organizer for 2008, so well done Saba and good luck with organizing the walk for next year. A special thank you to Muhanad Alnahas for his outstanding work in making our Walk for Iraq documentary. Muhanad ran into all kind of troubles in making the documentary; he even lost his car in the process. Well done Muhanad, we all appreciate your effort and the time you have been putting in making the documentary. Also a special thank you to all Muhanad’s crew who participated in filming the documentary. A sincere thank you to Golnaz Bassam Tabar for her hard work in attracting and providing media coverage for the walk.

A very big thank you to the founder of Walk for Iraq & UK lead, Nadia Al-Shadhir; Canada lead, Zainab Shnyin; & Global lead, Asaad Al-Shadhir for their support, encouragement and guidance throughout the campaign.

I would like to thank all our wonderful walkers: Ahmad Al-joubori, Ahmad Shendi, Ali Tahir, Amar Shakib, Amna Haddad, Athba Al-Safi, Carina Meares, Dina El-Emary, Dunia Othman, Dyar Al-Mandalawi, Ealaf Alchalabi, Farah Abdulwadood, Fatima Haddad, Feras Dawood, Ghassan Al-Araji, Golinaz Tabar, Hadeel Kadir, Haider Al-Khayat, Haneen Mohammed, Heba Hadad, Hussain Al Bayati, Hutheifa Hussein, Jordyn Roe, Kutaiba Hussein, Malak Al-Alawi, Mariam Arif, Mays Kadhim, Mays Shabbot, Mohamed Al-Joubori, Mohammad Al-Mandalawi, Mohammed Alassadi, Muhanad Alnahas, Nadine Al-Kattan, Nadine Al-Kattan, Nariman Aziz, Noor Alani, Noor Ali, Noor Alkudairi, Noor Al-Safi, Rania Alani, Ranny Kettoola, Rusul Raad, Saba Issa, Saleen Yeldizian, Salim Al-Madalal, Sura Alkhudairi, Susanna Burton, Thair Alani, Vian Aziz, Wajahat Khan, Wasan Al-Salihi, Zahraa Raad, Zainab Al-Haseny, Zane Shikara, Zinnia Al-Mashat. Your outstanding effort in attending the event and fundraising more than 20,000 $NZ has a huge contribution in the success of our walk; we could not have done it without you. Also worth mentioning the effort of Ghassan Saleem and Shahda Baghdadi who could not attend the walk due to special circumstances, however they were dedicated to raise money for the walk. A special thank you to the Honorable Chris Carter for his participation in our event and supporting the walk.

A special thank you and appreciation to Refugees international, especially to Sara Fusco for her support and endorsement of our event. Also congratulations to Refugees International for receiving the Kahlil Gibran "Spirit of Humanity" award for international excellence in recognition of their work with the Iraqi refugees. It is a fully deserved recognition for your outstanding lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection for displaced people.

Finally, many thanks and appreciation to everyone who donated and helped in the success of this fundraiser. It was pleasure walking and working with you all and I am looking forward to see you all in our 2008 walk.

Sincerely Yours,

Yazen Alsafi


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