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UNICEF Contributions

In order to focus on the future of Iraq, it is imperative that we help the next generation as best we can by doing all that we can, to support them in all aspects of their lives.

UNICEF's many contributions to the welfare of Iraqi children extend to include assistance in the following and much more:

  • Child Protection and Women and Child Rights
  • Security and Violence
  • Mine Risk Education (MRE)
  • Reintegration of children without caregivers
  • Water Tankering and Rehabilitation of Water and Sanitation Facilities
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Providing Basic Health and Nutrition Supplies
  • Responding to potentially fatal Outbreaks such as Cholera, Measles, Leishmaniasis and more…
  • Implementing the Reach Every District (RED) Approach for Immunization Interventions
  • School Rehabilitation Programs
  • Providing home-based and Supplementary Learning Materials
  • Creating Accelerated Learning Programs
  • Early Childhood Development programs
  • Implementing the Iraq National Education Strategy
  • Training for Social Workers and Teachers
  • Providing Vocational Training for children

Zahra Al-Aubiydy

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